How to Buy Wimbledon Tickets for 2016 season

The Wimbledon, the most prestigious tennis tournament in the world, will start off from around the last week of June in 2016 and here’s more information on how you can buy Wimbledon tickets for the 2016 season.

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Novak Djokovic and Serena Williams will be the defending champions and favourites for 2016 Wimbledon, while Roger Federer, Andy Murray and Petra Kvitova will be some of the others in line for the title.

In this piece, we will help you by giving you a detailed overview of how you can obtain the Wimbledon 2016 tickets and have the experience of your lifetime.

The following are the few ways in which you can get your hands on the Wimbledon tickets.
– The Ballot
– The Queue
– Ticketmaster, and
– Official hospitality packages
– Secondary market

Let us take a detailed look into each one of these.

The Ballot:

For UK residents:

A public ballot application form is to be filled to apply for the tickets of The Championships. This form can be obtained from the August 1st, by sending in a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

P.O. BOX 98
SW19 5AE.

These forms are usually available till the mid-December (the exact date will be released later), with the restriction of only one application form per household.

You will then receive the application form, which is to be filled completely and sent to the following address, before 31st of December.

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P.O. BOX 67611
SW19 9DT.

The ballots will then take place from the February, next year and if you are successful, you will be notified via post from February until June. These successful applicants must then pay for the tickets via credit/debit cards through the secure website, or by sending them a cheque. After the payment, the tickets will be then dispatched to your residence.

For non UK residents

For those of you who are not residing in the UK, the ballot option is available to you as well, with everything taking place online. You need to go to the official site and enter your Email address, along with the personal details and submit the application.

After the submission, you will receive notifications on the email and you will have to follow the further instructions.


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The Queue:

One of the great things about Wimbledon is the fact that the tickets for the matches can be obtained on the day of play itself.

Your chances of getting the tickets for the show courts solely depend on what time you arrive in the queue. Therefore, it is highly advisable to join the queue a few hours early, before the Grounds are opened.

Upon your arrival in the queue, you will be given a dated and numbered Queue card, which will display your position in the cue. Wristbands will be offered to those members who are standing in front of the queue, for the tickets of the show courts. The number of wristbands is directly proportional to the number of tickets available on that day.

The show court tickets are not available for the last four days, since they are generally sold well in advance.

As for the cost of tickets on the show courts, they vary for the respective rounds, on the respective courts.

The first round tickets are the cheapest, which is around 50 pounds while the fourth round tickets are the costliest, which is around 98 pounds. The tickets for the quarterfinal matches start from 120 pounds and then as the final day approaches, the prices can reach as high as 160 pounds.

The tickets obtained from the above two procedures are strictly non-transferable and not for sale.


The tickets can be purchased online as well on, where the tickets for the Centre Courts are available and the prices can be found out on the website.

Official Hospitality Packages:

Sportsworld and Keith Prowse are two hospitality partners who offer an array of exciting packages to make your stay more pleasant. They can be contacted at their respective websites.

Apart from this, there are another set of tickets which are transferable, which are usually listed by Debenture Holders on This site is going to offer you the best seats in the house, but obviously come at a premium.

Other options:

What happens if all your options are exhausted and you still aren’t able to lay your hands on a Wimbledon ticket? In that case we will suggest you to visit a secondary sports tickets site like (here), and check out your best option.

One thing that we can assure you of is that if finances are no constraints then there’s almost no match during the Wimbledon 2016 you will have a problem getting your tickets. It’s a secondary ticketing platform for all popular sports around the world and the tickets are sold off by buyers themselves, most of whom have the tickets but cannot make it to the event.

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