PSL Format Pakistan Super League 2016

The first ever edition of the Pakistan Super League is expected to be held in February 2016 and while the PSL format is yet to be disclosed, there has been some information that has been floating around regarding the same. We will update the Pakistan Super League format with more once it’s revealed by the cricket board.

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The PSL is expected to have five teams playing in its first edition of the competition. Teams from Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, Karachi, and Quetta will feature in the tournament in 2016 and according to latest reports, the PSL will be played in Doha, Qatar.

All these five teams will play in a league format, with every side playing every other team twice. It won’t quite be on a home and away basis given that the tournament will be played at a neutral venue, but what that essentially means is that all teams will feature in 10 league games.

At the end of this league stage of the tournament, the top two are expected to feature in the final. However, this is yet to be revealed too, whether only two will make the next stage or if there could be more teams involved.

What’s also reported is that each of the teams will be allowed to sign up for four overseas players for their squads. Again, it’s not yet known whether all of these four players will be allowed to play in the starting XI of the teams or will there be a limit on those who can make the team as well.

What has also been revealed is that the prize money of $1 million is on offer while players from all Test-playing nations except India will be in action.

The Pakistan Super League has already a few launch attempts earlier, with the PCB having tried to have it in 2008, 2013 and 2014 but failing in their endeavour.

The rest of the format details associated with the PSL, including the salary structure, the selection of players and the team names, along with the Pakistan Super League schedule, will be revealed later in the year.

The PSL was supposed to be held in UAE but with the Masters Champions League expected to be played around the same time at Sharjah, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, the tournament needed to be shifted to Doha.

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