How to buy World T20 2016 Tickets

The next edition of the ICC World T20 will be held in India in 2016 with the tournament to run between March 11 & April 3. This will be the sixth edition and the World T20 2016 tickets can be bought from February 24 onward.

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The online sale of the World T20 tickets will begin from 12 pm India time (6.30 am GMT) at the official ICC website, On the first day of this sale, only the non-India match tickets can be purchased while if you are looking to purchase tickets of the India games, you will need to wait till the next day, February 25.

Tickets for the World T20 can also be bought from the stadium but that information will only be released later.

For non-India games, an individual will be allowed to buy a maximum of six tickets per person, from the aforementioned site.

Where it becomes interesting is the India games and the three knock-out matches in the semi-finals and the final, for which the tickets will only be available through a lottery system. Also every individual can purchase a maximum of two tickets each.

The lottery system will ensure that all those looking for tickets for the India games will need to register with the official website between February 25 & March 2 and will then get randomly drawn to buy the tickets.

If you are looking to visit India for the World T20 2016, we also have all the information on where you can stay in which city. We recommend for all your hotel bookings in India and here’s how you can do it:

During the last World Cup in Australia and New Zealand, India and Pakistan were drawn in the same group and featured in their respective opening games of the tournament. The match was played in Adelaide and the India-Pakistan tickets for that encounter were sold online within a matter of minutes.

In short you need to be very lucky to be able to get tickets for the India-Pakistan encounter during the 2016 World T20 as well. Or else, what can be done is to use the method mentioned below.

India take on Pakistan in the 2016 World T20 on March 19 at the beautiful HPCA Ground in Dharmasala.

One other way to book cricket tickets online, including those for the World T20 2016 is to visit & check out the range of available World T20 tickets. The prices might be slightly different than those quoted on the tickets but if they are not available on the official site then this could be a very good way of ensuring your tickets are in your hand before you make a plan to take a trip to the country/city.

Here’s how you can buy your World T20 2016 tickets using Viagogo.

A total of 16 teams will participate in this World T20 2016 with the first round matches consisting of eight of those sides. These eight sides will participate in a sort of a qualifier, with two of these sides making the second round.

In the second round, these two will join the top eight teams in host India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, England, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa. The 10 sides will be divided into two groups of five apiece featuring in a round-robin league with the top two making it to the semi-final. The semi-final will be followed by the final.

The first group has England, Sri Lanka, South Africa and West Indies along with a fifth qualifier.

Group 2 has India, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand and another qualifier.

The two Qualifier groups are as follows:
Group A: Bangladesh, Netherlands, Ireland & Oman
Group B: Zimbabwe, Scotland, Hong Kong & Afghanistan

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And the tickets for all these games to be played in the World T20 will be available online and at the stadiums. If you want to pre-book your tickets for the World T20 2016, then the best place to buy those from is the official ICC website – So far no mention of the tickets is found on that site either because the schedule for the World T20 2016 is yet to be announced but things should be clearer soon.

Similarly if you want to buy your tickets from the stadium, you might need to wait till on the day of the game. That could still work if the game is to be played between relatively unheralded sides but if you are looking to purchase the tickets for the big-ticket matches like an India-Pakistan or any other match involving the host, you might have to book them in advance. Doing it online is the only way.


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