England v Australia 1st ODI betting tips & predictions at Southampton

The first of five ODIs between England and Australia begins from Thursday at Southampton. The England v Australia 1st ODI betting tips & predictions can be found at the end of this piece.


Australia won by 59 runs to go 1-0 up in the series.


The Ashes 2015 have been lost. The one-off T20I has been lost too. And now it’s going to be up to the Aussies to come back with a sterling performance in the ODIs and try and take something home.

If the Ashes loss was bad, then Australia’s defeat in their one-off T20I to England should ring some alarm bells. On the one hand, one might brush aside the defeat under the garb of being just a T20I but the manner in which it unfolded, Australia will do well to take a few lessons out of it.

Lesson number one is to do with how the England team of this era – the post-World Cup era under Trevor Bayliss – isn’t going to cower away because of the extra emphasis on technique and formula cricket. They will keep attacking and try and take the game away.

Secondly, the Aussie middle-order needs to be buffered, which it will be for the ODIs. Not only do they need more experience but also someone to take on more ownership; Steven Smith’s form has been excellent but that may not be enough.

Thirdly, pace without direction won’t help. No, this isn’t a lesson from the T20I alone, but also something that the likes of Mitchell Starc and Josh Hazlewood would have learnt from the Ashes too.

Of course 50-over cricket is a different ball game altogether and make no mistake Australia is coming off a World Cup triumph only recently which should make them a favourite starting off in this series as well.

There’s no Michael Clarke in the side but that doesn’t take away from the efficacy of the side which is so well-oiled as a unit.

There will be a matter of adjusting to the pitches for the Aussies, especially for those who are coming into the side for this format of the game alone.

England might not have anything going for them during the World Cup but things have definitely changed for them and how! A change in the coaching staff has helped and so has a change in their attitudes but the biggest turnaround has come in the manner in which they have decided they are going to play in this format.

Fearlessness has been the buzzword for them and they have brought in players who can dish out that brand of the game for the side.

If the T20I result was anything to go by, expect the Eoin Morgan led England to come hard at Australia in this opener.

England v Australia 1st ODI Betting Tips:
Australia to win: 8/11
Smith to be Australia’s top batsman: 3/1

Match starts at 2 pm local time (1300 hours GMT) on September 3.

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