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Latest Ashes tickets information can be found here. The Ashes tickets for the 2017-18 edition of the series between Australia and England have now been released & you can get all the information around it here.

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There was a period recently when the Ashes series came one after the other, threatening to reduce the charm associated with the five-match series between the oldest rivals in the history of Test match cricket. However, with the previous series having been played in 2015, a game of nearly two and a half years would have allowed Ashes fans to have settled down and await its arrival with a bated breath.

And that interest can be gauged by the fact that already, since the release of the Ashes tickets for the 2017-18 series, many of them have been sold out and barely too many remain. So how can you watch the Ashes 2017-18 from the stadium despite the quickly selling tickets? Here’re a few options:

Remaining Ashes Tickets!

There are still a few remaining. As soon as you think you are ready to buy the tickets, click on the official Cricket Australia website to buy your Ashes tickets here. Pray there are still a few available by the time you have decided it but one thing’s for certain, most lost-cost Ashes tickets would have been sold out by now.

The WACA Option…

WACA in Perth has all its tickets remaining. Yep, that’s right, as on May 12, no ticket has been sold for the WACA Test because till about May 10, there was no confirmation from the Cricket Australia where the Test was going to be played, the new Perth Stadium or the WACA.

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Only that day was it confirmed that WACA will host the third Ashes Test. So as soon as the dates are announced, leap-frog to the head of the line (well, the online line, I mean) to buy your tickets! The dates will be announced soon, and you can bookmark this page for that.

Viagogo? But at a premium…

If both the above options do not get you your tickets, then the third option is to use a premium, secondary ticketing website like Viagogo.com. As the name suggests, the Ashes tickets will be available on this site at a later day from fans as they look to sell off their tickets at a higher rate. Cricket Australia or other cricket boards don’t like sites like Viagogo but they have been around for a while and little has been to stall the sale of these tickets. Good thing is that there’s a buyer guarantee associated with Viagogo too, so you get your money back if you don’t get the tickets.

How to use Viagogo.com?

Well, it’s frankly very simple.

  • Go to www.Viagogo.com. It might re-direct to your country’s URL.
  • Register yourself for free & then go to Cricket > The Ashes. (Or Cricket > Australian Cricket. Or Cricket > England Cricket depending on what option is available at the time).
  • Choose your Test match, the day of the game & one of the available tickets.
  • Make online payment & wait for delivery. Based on what you choose, it could be an online delivery or a physical one at your doorstep
  • Make preparations for watching your Ashes Test!

Let us know how it goes and if you have any trouble getting your Ashes tickets in the comments section below.

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