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What are Free Bets? Free Bets are offered by bookmakers as rewards once you sign up with them or for you to continue playing with them.

Here’s how you can claim a free bet of up to £200 with bet365

There are a variety of free bets that bookmakers usually offer but almost all of them come with a few conditions along with them. The advantage for you, as a punter, is that because they are rewards offered by bookmakers to sign up with them, they are almost a no-risk proposition for the punter.

One of the most common condition associated with these free bets is that they cannot be withdrawn as cash, other than if you win something by using it.

Here’re a couple of most common free bets:

Deposit Free Bet:

This is one of the most common free bet and it’s something that a bookmaker offers to you when you sign up with them. Read here how you can open bet365 account.

Usually, when you sign up with a bookmaker, you are expected to deposit money into your bookmaker account. What the bookmaker offers you is a free bet of as much amount as you have deposited to your account.

Let’s take an example for this. Bet365, one of our favourite bookmakers for instance, offers up to £200 of free bet on deposit. If you deposit £10, they will give you £10 of free bet. If you deposit £200, they will offer you £200 too! Simple.

This is what bet365’s free bet offer reads: “Open an account, make a deposit of £10 or more and you will be entitled to a 100% bonus on your qualifying deposit up to a maximum of £200”

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Matched Free Bet:

In this, you are an old customer but as a part of a promotion by the bookmaker you will be expected to make a bet and once you do that, the bookmaker will make an bet on your behalf with an amount equal to what you bet.

Why do bookmakers offer free bets?

If you are a regular punter, or now that have you read our explanation above on free bets, you would realised by now that bookmakers offer every new player a free bet on a new sign-up. Why do bookmakers make such offers? Simply speaking they want to ensure you sign up with them too, and not remain associated with just one bookmaker.

It’s like any other product that you buy from the market. Say, you are fond of a particular brand and stick to it. Its competitor brand will do its best to lure you into testing their product too, mostly by giving discounts or starting out competitions which give out prizes so that you now know you have an extra option.

Same with betting and free bets.

Of course, where you come into the picture is that you can take advantage of these free bets by trying to open your accounts – gradually – at almost every bookmaker there is available. So suppose your betting bank is £100 for a week and you use up all of that money at Bookie A. Instead of that, if you were to open an account at Bookie B, C and D as well, and use up the same £100 across all those four bookmakers, in turn not spending not a pound extra and also earning free bets out of the new bookmakers!

How to claim your free bets?

If you don’t hold an account with any of the bookmakers below, you can register with them and claim your free bet. It will allow you to use the free bet to go for a safe, short-priced option or take a big risk with a market with long odds. Your call!

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