Al Jazeera Documentary Alleges 26 Spot-Fixing Instances

Al Jazeera Tapes - Fixing in Cricket

According to an Al Jazeera documentary that was revealed yesterday, alleged match-fixer Aneel Munawar was a part of 26 spot-fixing incidents spread across 15 matches over all three formats of the game. These matches were played in the period between 2011 and 2012.

The documentary continues from the first part that was released earlier in May this year and has revealed a few passages of play in cricket matches that involve some of the top Test-playing countries in the world. According to the video that’s called ‘Cricket’s Match Fixers: The Munawar Files’, the alleged fixes involve seven games by England players, five games involving Aussie players, three matches by Pakistan players, and one other game by players from another country.

The list of matches which are a part of this documentary include one high-profile game between England and India, that was played at Lord’s in 2011, and the 2011 Cape Town South Africa v Australia Test, five 2011 World Cup matches and three 2012 World T20 games. There are three other supposed fixes in the 2012 Pakistan v England Test series.

The documentary alleges there were phone calls between Munnawar and the bookmakers whom he would give information on which session of the game the fixes would take place. It would typically be a 10-over period in which the number of runs would be ‘Manda’ or under the expected runs in that session along with a low score in the final two overs of that session.

The ICC have said they have been trying to locate Munaawar since the release of the first video but have been unsuccessful, having also appealed to the fans to help out if they have any information.

They released another media statement after this video was released.

“The ICC is committed to working to uphold integrity in cricket. As you would expect we will again take the contents of the programme and any allegations it may make seriously and will investigate fully. However, I must refute the assertion that cricket does not take the issue of corruption seriously, we have more resources than ever before working to rid our sport of corruption.”

“The investigation into these allegations has already commenced and will run alongside a number of other live unrelated investigations. When considering the claims, we will work with professional independent betting analysts.”

“As with the first programme we have, and will continue to ask for the cooperation of the broadcaster. We have made repeated efforts to engage with the broadcaster as it can play such a crucial part in the full and thorough investigation it has called for.”

“We do welcome the commitment from the broadcaster to share the files with Interpol and, I hope, other law enforcement agencies who can act upon the information and support us in ridding the sport of these criminals.”

Watch the video here:

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