How to Bet on Cricket?

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Information on how to bet on cricket here. The game of cricket has always been extremely popular in the countries which play the game and this list is increasing by the year. In this piece we will talk about how to bet on cricket and provide you with tips on how to make profits through cricket betting.

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With time, other countries have also tried their hand at the game and competing at ICC events such as the cricket World Cup and competitions for newer, associate and affiliate nations.

While some of the countries have not been as successful in the international circuit, some of the players representing such under-performing teams have made it to the big time in the T20 leagues across the world as well – like the IPL, PSL, BBL, CPL, T20 Blast among others – as English county cricket.

Why bet on cricket?

Before we get to the question on how to bet on cricket, let’s talk about why? From a betting man’s point of view, the game of cricket is an absolute goldmine. There are three different formats in which the game is played internationally – Test Cricket, ODIs, and Twenty20. There are an umpteen number of tournaments that are played across the world every year.

While the World Cup is played once every four years, cricket playing nations often face each other in bilateral series and tri-series. A Twenty20 World Cup known as the World T20 is also played once every couple of years.

Normally when Australia tour England or vice-versa, they two sides will normally play five Test matches for the Ashes, five One-Day-Internationals, and a couple of Twenty20 internationals. The number of games depends from time to time and are agreed upon by the participating nations’ cricket boards before the commencement of the tour.

All of this gives punters an excellent scope to bet on cricket on not only different formats but also different kinds of markets. Read on.

Some of the most popular cricket betting markets for cricket include:

Match Winner: As the name suggests, a bet on which team will win the game. In Tests, there is a draw involved as well, so you got to be careful about various factors like how the pitch could behave and the weather reports.

Top bowler/batsman: In this kind of bet, punters have to choose which bowler is most likely to pick up the maximum number of wickets or which batsman is most likely to score the maximum number of runs in a game. One can choose to back players from both sides as bookmakers allow separate bets from top bowler from Team A, top batsman for Team A, top bowler for Team B, and top batsman for Team B) and man of the match.

Other popular cricket betting markets which include:

Maximum number of sixes to be hit, the maximum number of fours to be hit, the maximum number of wickets to fall in either innings, the manner in which the next wicket will fall, man of the series, series winner and so on.

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Advantages on betting on live cricket:

Cricket is also one game where one can make a lot of money from live betting. This form of betting basically allows punters to wager on certain probabilities even once the game has already begun. This kind of betting has proved to be a big hit with punters across the world. In fact, bet365 owes its status as the best bookmaker right now thanks to this feature.

The most popular form of betting in a cricket match which is already live is over/under betting. One can bet on whether Batsman A who is occupying the crease will score a certain number of runs or less than that. Similarly, one can bet on whether a bowler will claim a a certain number of wickets or will he fall short.

Also, those Free Bets on Cricket!

Yep, that’s one of the biggest advantages of betting online on cricket. If you are a new customer at a particular bookmaker, you are awarded free bonuses and money to bet as a one-time reward. Some bookmakers offer a bigger booty in the form of a free bet, others keep it low but do read through all the terms and conditions associated with a free bet before you opt for it.

Here’s a bit more on what are free bets for new cricket punters and how to avail them.

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How to bet on Test cricket, our personal favourite…

For Test match cricket, live in-play betting is an extremely important tool as one never knows which team will win the game until the very end in most cases. A team can outperform their opponents in every session of a Test match and it is quite difficult to predict which team will end up on top at least in the first two days of a game.

Take for instance the England v New Zealand 1st Test in May, in which England were 354 for seven at the end of the first day’s play and a bookmaker was offering 6/1 for a New Zealand win at that stage.

That, to us, was ridiculously overpriced and we said it so here. New Zealand bowled England out for 389 and then went on to pile up 523 in their first innings. They were 303 for two at the end of the second day when England were 8/1 to win the Test, which meant had you put your money on New Zealand after day one, you could have easily put the same money on an English win after the second day and earned a fortune whoever won the game. Check out this example that throws more insights on how one can earn lot of money with betting on Test match cricket.

The bookmakers:

For a punter whose major interest is betting on the game of cricket, the one bookmaker where one must have an account is bet365 solely for their in-play betting feature. Read why bet365 is a must-have for cricket punters.

Some of the other sportsbooks where one can register for an account would be Paddy Power, Ladbrokes, and William Hill. These bookmakers usually offer the best odds for most markets in cricket and it makes sense to have an account with them.

Ladbrokes for instance are known as one of the most conservative bookmakers in terms of the odds on offer. However, on closer inspection, one will find that this bookmaker often offers the best odds across several markets for cricket and always offers extremely competitive odds across all cricket markets.

In order to create an account with any bookmaker, one just has to visit their website and click on sign up/create an account. Here’s an easy process on how cricket punters can open their account with bet365.

A new page will appear asking for other details which one has to provide and verify before the registered account becomes operational.

Then again, one must have an account with Moneybooker or Neteller to properly operate their bookmaker account. In order to register, one just needs to sign up with on their homepage and follow the instructions. Opening an account with Neteller is explained in more detail here.

Bankroll for cricket betting?

While betting on sports can be rewarding if done correctly, a lot of people who get it wrong have lost a lot of money in the process. It is thus a good idea to know how to manage your finances for betting. At the very outset, one must not allocate all the money that they have towards their betting account. A pool of 20-30% of that total sum at most could be reserved for betting activities.

Also, one must not place all their money on one bet and thus there is a need to tread with caution. The percentage of one’s total bankroll that one should put in a single bet would be equal to the overlay divided by (odds – 1) for the selection. The overlay for a particular selection is calculated by multiplying the probability of the wager bearing fruit and the odds on offer for the selection in total minus 1.

Hence, Overlay = (probability x odds) – 1

Percentage of bankroll to bet = overlay / (odds – 1)

Thus, if I have a total pot of 1000 units of money, and I want to back India to win @ 2.4 against Australia, here is how I should bet. Supposing the probability of India actually winning is 50%, the overlay would be 0.2. The percentage of bankroll to bet would thus be 0.2 / (2.4 – 1) which is 14.3%. Hence, the total bet should be made for a total of 143 units at most.

While one must not get carried away if they keep on winning big, one must also not lose heart if most of their bets do not see them winning. As long as a punter is winning 55% of all their selections, s/he will be making a decent pot of money at the end of the year in profits.

And now that you have understood how to bet on cricket, why don’t you get started with bet365 here. They give out a free bet worth up to $100 with the first deposit.

Let us know if you have any queries on how to bet on cricket using our contact us form here. We will only be pleased to answer it if we can!

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