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Information on how to buy India v Pakistan tickets for Champions Trophy can be found here. India will take on Pakistan in the 2017 edition of the Champions Trophy on June 4 and the tickets for this game have been selling like hot cakes. Want to own a Champions Trophy ticket for the most coveted game of the competition? Here’re a few options you can use to do the same.

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According to the latest update, tickets for the India-Pakistan game have been sold out at the ICC’s website. Jump straight to the two options that I have mentioned below to try and procure an India-Pakistan ticket for the Champions Trophy.

The other thing to watch out are the rumours that India might pull out of the Champions Trophy because of some revenue-distribution politics. So beware of any such situation before booking the India-Pakistan tickets for this game.

The ICC had a tickets ballot in September 2016 for all the Champions Trophy tickets including the India-Pakistan tickets and as was expected, it was the most oversubscribed of all the tickets that were available.

Nearly half a million tickets were applied for during the from 60 countries during ballot and 11 out of the 15 games were oversubscribed in at least one price band according to the ICC. There were a few Champions Trophy tickets that were still remaining which will go up on general sale at 2pm on Thursday, 27 October via ICC’s official website.

The other option that the ICC had provided to get the tickets for the India v Pakistan game during the 2017 Champions Trophy was for February 2017 – this was when fans were able to sell off their tickets if they had decided not to travel and when the ICC release more tickets. Both those occasions look exhausted for now as far as the India-Pakistan tickets are concerned.

This is a good chance for those who are looking to get their hands on the tickets at the same price value as the ICC is selling it for. Now obviously, the cost won’t be a burden in this case but the big question is whether anyone would want to give up on their India-Pakistan match tickets so far in advance? If I were to hazard a guess, I would go for an emphatic no – fans might still want to wait till very close to the tournament to sell their tickets off.

With that being the obvious downside to this option, there are two other alternatives we can suggest if you are looking at the India-Pakistan tickets.

Option 1:

This is an option that is more viable for those from the UK but tourists can also look to use it. I was at the ground during the India-Pakistan game of the 2015 World Cup which was played in Adelaide. Was one of the lucky ones with the tickets in my hand but there were many of my friends who had applied but hadn’t got the tickets. Understandable given the demand for an India-Pakistan encounter.

However, on the day of the game what I saw was there were enough tickets still available at the ticket counter. A few hundred probably. And then there were fans who had extra tickets on them and were ready to sell it off at a price more than the actual face value of the India-Pakistan ticket.

Moral? If you are already in UK and can make it to the ground, you must. You never know you might get lucky and lay your hands on a ticket yourself. This tactic, obviously does not work if you are not somewhere close to Birmingham – I mean, I wouldn’t recommend you to book your flight from Asia to Birmingham and then face an eventuality that there are no tickets available!

Option 2:

Go for a secondary ticket-selling website like

The obvious advantage is that you know you have the tickets before you make your other bookings – because tickets are already available on the site. Secondly, Viagogo is a trustworthy site in that most times I have bought tickets from there, it’s delivered the tickets. According to them even if things go wrong, they refund the entire sum of money to the customer.

The disadvantage? The cost! Well, it’s a resale website so fans selling off their tickets will obviously want to do it at a premium. And given the demand for an India v Pakistan ticket, the cost will be much higher anyway. So that’s a judgement call you need to make on how much can you afford to spend on a game like India-Pakistan in a tournament which is second only to the World Cup.

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