New Zealand v Australia Betting Tips, Predictions & Odds

Latest New Zealand v Australia betting tips, predictions & odds can be found here.The final of the trans-Tasman trophy will be played on Wednesday, February 21 at the Eden Park in Auckland. Latest New Zealand v Australia betting tips & predictions for this final T20I can be found below.

With Australia having made it to the final of the tournament with four wins in a row, it’s hard to see how New Zealand can challenge their might. What makes it doubly difficult for the Kiwis is what happened in the previous, which was also played at the same ground – the Eden Park.

Batting first, New Zealand had raked up a huge score, 240 plus, and it looked like they were favourites to go the distance. However, they were stunned by the dazzling display of batting by the Aussie line-up, which finally looks like they have gotten their players right for this format.

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Making it worse for New Zealand is their defeat in the previous game to England. Sure they qualified for the final but to not have won the game was a surprise and it doesn’t look like they would be a very confident unit.

There’s a catch though. At that ground in Eden Park, if New Zealand can win the toss and field first, then all bets are off. It’s a huge advantage doing that and New Zealand, despite their obvious long odds could come into the reckoning as well.

What are the other odds we could be looking at?

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Well, if there’s a market available for the runs scored in the encounter, look at another high-scoring encounter. Personally I doubt this will be as high scoring as the previous game but it will still see at least 180 scored in the first innings.

Also if you aren’t too risk-averse, a century in the game could be an option but don’t put too much on that one. It’s a rare, rare possibility but if there’s a ground if that could happen, it is this one.

New Zealand v Australia Betting Tips for T20 Final:

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