Want to Play Poker Online?

Photo by Seaman David Finley

Poker is a card game which combines strategy and skill and often termed as easy to learn, but tough to master. But then that’s the case with most things in life, isn’t it? And the fun lies in earning out of playing Poker online, or anything else, once you have mastered it and are on the top of your game.

Those of us who have seen the movie ‘Casino Royale’, where James Bond goes on take the villainous Le Chiffre head to head, in a game of Poker. The variation shown in the movie is Texas Hold’em, and it is certainly a breathtaking sight to see Bond win the money back, after losing it right in the previous scene.

The fact that he got a straight flush in the last hand can be considered as pure luck, but there are many experts who will agree to the fact that it was his skill that brought him through.

To justify poker as a game of pure skill is just as wrong as justifying it to be a game of chance. Both sets overlap each other, but in the long run, it is skill what makes a player successful. The chance factor depends solely on the cards you are dealt and hand you need to make with three of the five river cards.

But the skill involves how you place your bets, the calculation of your odds and more importantly, the psychological analysis of your opponents, aka, detecting ‘tells’.

Here’s how to play Poker Online in India

So as it can be seen, excelling in poker doesn’t require a lot of luck. All it needs is an immense amount of skill and a lot of practice.

There are multiple variants of poker but the theme of the game is similar. Players start off with a few cards in their hand, and they bet money based on how good or not their cards are and then as more cards open, their own chances of winning increases or decreases.

Players have the option to fold at any time in the game but the money they have already bet is then lost. Cutting one’s losses is also a huge part of the strategy in playing poker whether with your mates or online.

As can be seen on Wikipedia, Poker has multiple variations. As mentioned earlier, the most common one is the Texas Hold ’em, which is played across the world including in India.

The game-play of Texas Hold ’em Poker is quite simple. Two cards are dealt out to each player on the table and betting starts after that. Three cards open – for all, called the community cards – after round one of betting, and this is called the Flop. Another round of betting ensues. This is followed by another one card opened for all, called the Turn and is followed by betting. And then the fifth card, called the River, is also followed by another round of betting.

Players can fold at any time, and the player with the best cards among those that remain on the table, wins that round and all the money that was bet goes to the winner.

How to decide which are the best cards?

Texas Hold ’em has an order from best to worst cards, or hand. The best possible hand is a Royal Flush, which is followed by Straight Flush, Four of a kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three of a kind, Two pairs, One pair and the Highest card. Based on that order from best to worst, the winner of the game is decided.