World T20 Betting Tips for 2020

West Indies will kick-start the 2020 edition of the World T20 as the defending champions but expect the likes of India, England and South Africa to challenge their supremacy. Get the latest World T20 betting tips & predictions for the 2020 edition below.

The T20 World Cup has seen the birth of many a shining star, but the 2018 edition is struggling at the moment to birth itself into existence due to a combination of hegemony, TV rights and plain old bureaucracy.

The 2020 edition is to be hosted in Australia after the previous one was played in India. Earlier there were rumours that there would be a 2018 edition of the competition too but that has been scrapped.

The 2020 edition is also going to allow some never seen before Associate nations to participate because of the fact that recently, an ICC panel has given the green light to an eight team Associate T20 nations only tournament which will hold the official ICC tag. Apart from this, the World Cup will also have a qualification stage for the Associate nations which will allow more regional players into the fold of the world’s biggest T20 cricket championship.

This upcoming tournament is going to be the one that brings back the World T20 into the format of one every two years after a few breaks in it since the inaugural edition in 2007, which was incidentally won by one, Mahendra Singh Dhoni.

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West Indies being the holders of the tournament adds great fire to the idea that they could win their second one at home next year but in fact that is not the case. Sri Lanka, India and England have all won the T20 World Cup in the past and with a number of batsman emerging from Australia like the good old times, it is a possible champion as always.

The broadcasters of the tournament at this stage are thought to be Star Sports, even though nothing has been signed yet. The same broadcasters hold the rights for the 2020 edition of the tournament and the ICC board is confident that it can persuade Star to buy the rights to two extra tournaments, 2018 and 2022.

The ICC has great plans for the future of cricket, with regional qualifiers being set up in the future for World Cups, an idea that has been successfully implemented by FIFA and its associations in the run up to every single World Cup for the past half a century at the least.

With over 500 million pounds to be earned from two extra World Cups in every eight year cycle, the World T20 in 2018 is a bang on certainty. A combined total of 750 million viewers had tuned in online during the last T20 World Cup, the ICC is hoping that the 2018 edition will do even better.

What makes it more interesting for the punters is that an event like the World T20 opens up a lot of potential and markets for cricket betting & it will be a much-awaited tournament come 2018.

The World T20 betting tips & odds for the 2018 edition can be found below and above this line.

Previous winners of the World T20:
2007: India
2009: Pakistan
2010: England
2012: West Indies
2014: Sri Lanka
2016: West Indies
2018: ???

Latest title odds for the 2018 World T20 will be updated later:

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